Zac Woolfitt

Zac Woolfitt

Educational director and coach

According to colleagues, Zac is a ‘mega expert in flipping the classroom’. He is always open to all kinds of new ways of learning and his passion consists of researching this ‘teaching & learning landscape’ and the roles that different technologies can play in this context. In his blog he regularly shares his new research insights. Also nice to know: Zac has previously worked as a tour guide and that’s also how he came to the Tourism Management course at Inholland University of Applied Sciences and how eventually, he joined the lab.

5 questions for Zac…

What is your educational background?

I followed high school in London, then for my bachelors I studied Creative Writing at Sheffield Polytechnic. More recently, I completed my Masters in Education and Innovation with a focus on helping teachers to use video in their teaching.

What do you contribute to the lab as a learning community?

Firstly, 100% trust and belief in the creative powers of our young professionals (students). Creating and fostering a community of experimentation in which we learn together, are open to new ideas, and have fun along the way.

What is your favourite spot in Amsterdam-North

Since 2007 I’ve been going to Het Twiske where we own a very old ‘Sta Caravan’. And well before it became cool, I’ve been a massive fan for Buikslotermeerplein, because it is a real place that has not (yet) been gentrified and where the rough edges of authentic Amsterdam are still visible.

Finish this sentence: leisure and recreation mean to me…

Having freedom and space to explore yourself in an environment of your choice

What factors do you think are key for the positive development of the tourism, recreation and events sector?

The sector has to be massively flexible in order to reinvent itself in ways that are meaningful for the customer, regenerative for our planet, and financially viable for the businesses. A wicked problem! Which is why we have put our best minds on it (our young professionals).

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