Zac Woolfitt

Zac Woolfitt

Learning director and learning coach

According to colleagues, Zac is a ‘mega expert in flipping the classroom’. He is always open to all kinds of new ways of learning and his passion consists of researching this ‘teaching & learning landscape’ and the roles that different technologies can play in this context. In his blog he regularly shares his new research insights.

Also nice to know: Zac has previously worked as a tour guide and that’s also how he came to the Tourism Management bachelor programme at Inholland University of Applied Sciences and how eventually, he joined the lab.

“I have 100% trust and belief in the creative powers of our young professionals (students).”

5 questions to Zac


1. Which focus points do you think are important for Amsterdam as a tourist and leisure city?
msterdam needs to continue to move away from red light tourism and stag parties. It will always be part of the city’s identity but it would be positive if other aspects can be highlighted.

2. What do you want to contribute to our learning community here in Amsterdam North (and the surrounding area)?
Firstly, 100% trust and belief in the creative powers of our young professionals (students). Creating and fostering a community of experimentation in which we learn together, are open to new ideas, and have fun along the way.

3. What is your favorite place in Amsterdam North and why?
It may seem strange, but I am a really big fan of Buikslotermeerplein. I have been coming here since 2007 and have always found it a place where there are real people going about their daily lives. Although there is not much glamour about it, the new multi-million Euro metro takes you to central station in a few minutes. In BSMP there is a mix of international backgrounds and incomes. I once saw the Dutch minister of finance queuing at Etos to buy nappies for his child and he blended right in.

4. Which Northerner would you like to have a cup of coffee with?
Our dear former colleague Karin Bras, who sadly passed away in MH17 in 2014, was born near the Vliegenbos. She was a big fan of Noord and a proud representative of this part of the city. I would love to have the chance to have a coffee and catch up with her to hear her thoughts about the developments in Noord over the last 10 years.

5. What tip do you have for the ULT Lab to improve cooperation between education, research and the professional field?
Continue to expand and build on our network of local stakeholders and partners. From young children to the eldest residents. Ensure that we are relevant at a local level and that we add value at multiple levels to the community so that our education, research and links to local businesses strengthen each other.

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