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Whether you work for a (not for profit) organisation or local-government and would like to discuss a tourism or leisure related issue with us; are a student intrigued by one of our projects, or an Amsterdam-based resident or entrepreneur who would like to collaborate with us or get to know more about our city lab, we invite you to contact us by sending an e-mail to

In academic year 2023-2024 the lab team is together with the students present on Monday afternoon at the Modestraat. In addition, an appointment can be made on any other day after consultation.

Who knows; you may soon be joining the Urban Leisure & Tourism Lab Amsterdam.

Urban Leisure & Tourism Lab Amsterdam

Living lab
Buikslotermeerplein 15-17
1025 ES Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Inholland University of Applied Sciences
Wildenborch 6
1112 XB Diemen
The Netherlands

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Roos Gerritsma
Jolanda Möller

Willemijn De Jonge
Luca von Prittwitz

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Lab team:
Jolanda Möller, Zac Woolfitt and Jeroen Jager

Social media assistants:
Claire Bours, Dakota Amsen, Iuliia Naumenko, Emma Ndauwa, Luca von Prittwitz and Georgia Spanau

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