Mireille Middelhof

Mireille Middelhof

Learning director and learning coach

Mireille is learning director and learning coach alongside colleague Zac Woolfitt. Mireille takes care of the team and the students like no other!

In addition to her work for the lab, Mireille is also a coach for the Communication course at Hogeschool Inholland. She always looks forward to taking students on this journey and challenge in our lab. She hopes it can inspire students to be creative and open to share ideas with us. 

“For me, the best thing about the lab is that we are no longer teachers and students, but partners.”

3 questions for Mireille


1. Which focal points do you consider important for Amsterdam as a tourist and leisure city?
I think it is important that every culture has a place in Amsterdam. So, for example, that if people adhere to a certain religion within their culture, Amsterdam offers opportunities for this. E.g. a mosque for Muslims in the center, but also a church for other kinds of religions, etc. Diversity is also an important aspect for the leisure city of Amsterdam.

2. What is your favorite place in Amsterdam Noord and why?
One of my favorite places in Amsterdam Noord is the shopping center Boven ‘t IJ on Buikslotermeerplein. Before I came to work here in Modestraat, I was already a frequent visitor to the shopping centre. My sister-in-law lived opposite, so I came regularly. I still think it’s a nice shopping center with a wide range of various shops. Sometimes I just forget the time when I walk around there, I like it that way.

3. What would you like to contribute to our learning community here in Amsterdam Noord (and the surrounding area)?
My contribution to the community is to gain more empathy for other cultures/customs/norms and values. It starts with respect and listening to each other. Don’t judge each other, but empathize so that you understand each other better and can come together to beautiful creations. I would also like to convey this to our students, colleagues and lab partners!

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