Working from Inholland’s Urban Leisure & Tourism Lab, researchers, students and educational coaches are exploring the quality of life in and around the northern part of Amsterdam. Leisure activities are our specialism and we are committed to deploying them to ensure an inclusive and sustainable city.

Welcome to the Urban Leisure & Tourism Lab! We are located in Amsterdam-North, where we perform small-scale testing to determine what might be feasible on a much larger scale. Our research and education projects are all about connecting people with their living environment and with each other.

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21Within 24 years time Amsterdam gained 154.660 inhabtitants: From718.119 to 872.779 in 2020. This is an incline of about 21 percent! On the 1st of January 2020 'Amsterdam Noord' counted 99.238 inhabitants.
2030The number of international tourists in the Netherlands is expected to increase by 50 percent until 2030. This demands a new approach, in the common interest of visitors, businesses and residents.
7The municipality of Amsterdam is divided into 7 districts: West, Nieuw-West, West, Centrum, Zuid, Oost, Zuidoost and Noord, 481 neighborhoods and 99 quarters (wijken). Amsterdam-Noord is the biggest district.
2020The number of overnight stays at hotels has fallen significantly as a consequence of the corona crisis. In comparison with November 2019 a decrease of 66,2 percent was detected in the same period in 2020.
  • Buikslotermeerplein
  • Lab studenten in de Modestraat
  • Lab students in conversation with the prosecution service
  • Roos Gerritsma
  • Pllek in Amsterdam-Noord

Our research results and projects show how the tourism and leisure industry can become a solution for complex issues within the city. The results are interesting for everyone who is involved or interested in the tourism and leisure industry of a city.

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At the Urban Leisure & Tourism Lab Amsterdam we work closely with organisations within the city life such as the municipality, businesses as well as sectors such as health, education, sport and culture. Will you join us? Find out who works for the lab.

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Do you have a matter that you would like to investigate with us? Or do you think your organisation could contribute to one of our projects? Would you like to promote an area? Or would you like to organize something that attracts visitors and is relevant for the neighborhood?

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