Jasmin Westerhof

Jasmin Westerhof

Graduation Student - Tourism Management, Diemen

After the lab track of last six months, Jasmin is continuing with the realization of the Big Book on the Hema-plein in close cooperation with center manager Daan Woudhuysen of shopping center Boven ‘t IJ. For the ULT Lab Amsterdam, too, it is a matter of watching closely and offering support where possible in the form of advice and assistance.

The goal is to reach residents and visitors who make little or no use of digital means, but would still like to be informed about what is happening in the neighborhood. It will also ask business owners and neighborhood organizations to fill one or more pages in the Big Book. The technical realization and user-friendliness of the book is, of course, also important and the guarantee that those involved maintain the special book well.

For progress see: Within the ULT Lab our Production House is buzzing with activity! – Urban Leisure & Tourism Lab Amsterdam

1. What is your favorite place in Amsterdam North and why?

My favorite place is the Modestraat. I have met many people there and by now they recognize me. That’s something I value a lot!

2. Complete this sentence: for me, leisure and recreation mean time….

For me, leisure and recreation means taking time for myself to relax. This can be through a walk in nature or a fun activity.

3.What tip do you have for the ULT Lab to improve collaboration between education, research and the field?

Although lectures are important, I would recommend doing more assignments with the neighborhood initiatives of Amsterdam North. That way you can connect with the community, do research and learn at the same time!

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