Claudia Mayer

Claudia Mayer

Educational coach and director

‘I am not the one who suggests solutions’

In addition to being a Creative Business teacher at Inholland, Claudia Mayer also works as a business coach for designers. In the lab, she guides both students and other educational coaches in the setting up and implementation of projects. As a genuine design thinker, she challenges students to find their own way: ‘I answer questions with other questions. I really have to sit on my hands because the trick is to make sure you refrain from proposing any solutions. Come to that, there is never a final answer beforehand. “We are building a ship while we are sailing”, as John Tielman put it so aptly’.


5 questions for Claudia…


What is your educational background?

I studied Business Management in Austria. I was always triggered by creativity and I chose marketing as my specialism. Later on I worked for a large business, where I collaborated with architects and designers. Alongside my job at Inholland I run my own company as a business coach for designers, supporting them in marketing and sales.

What do you contribute to the lab as a learning community?

Having studied Creative Business, I know about the design-thinking process. In The Hague I contributed to the development of a module including so-called ‘climbs’, as well as tools and technology. My soft skills are positivity, the fun of not knowing, humour and my approach to trusting the process.

What is your favourite spot in Amsterdam-North?


Finish this sentence: for me, leisure and recreation mean…

… doing and seeing things in a different way plus a combination of relaxation and inspiration.

What factors do you think are key for the positive development of the tourism, recreation and events industries?

Creation of value, sustainability and entrepreneurship. The commercial business model must be in order. By sustainability I mean that things are all right in the long run; for people but also for nature and all parties involved. So, no exhaustion of resources; it all boils down to give and take, and there must be a balance.

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