Babet de Hoon

Babet de Hoon

Learning coach

Babet has been working as a lecturer at the Leisure & Events Management program at Inholland University of Applied Sciences since 2021 and at the Urban Leisure & Tourism Lab Amsterdam since September 2022. As the youngest member of our team, she provides new energy in the lab!

Babet’s expertise lies in the field of design-based research, which is also her focus within both the lab and her activities for the study programme. She is involved in graduation and various projects within the program and fulfills the role of Erasmus Coordinator. In addition to her work as a teacher, Babet also owns a research agency that focuses on making tourism and recreation in the Netherlands more sustainable. This fits in seamlessly with the themes we are working on in the lab, and in this way Babet can use her practical experience to give students relevant examples.

“Find the right balance between three key focal points: the environment, the economy and social well-being.”

3 questions to Babet

1. Which focal points do you consider important for Amsterdam as a tourist and leisure city?
In my opinion, it is important to find the right balance between three main focus points: the environment, the economy and social welfare. Tourism is inextricably linked to the environment and therefore to our living environment. This means that tourism on the one hand depends on the environment, but on the other hand also has an impact on the environment. If we approach this in a regenerative way, we can find a balance that is desirable for both social well-being and the environment. Tourism can create a connection between visitors and local residents, which can lead to enhanced tourism experiences and their significance.

2. What is your favorite place in Amsterdam Noord and why?
My favorite place in Amsterdam Noord is not so much one place, but the route from CS ferry to Buikslotermeerplein always gives me a very calming feeling.

3. What tip do you have for the ULT Lab to improve cooperation between education, research and the professional field?
My biggest lesson in the lab and within design-based research is: keep experimenting and, above all, playing. This is how the most creative ideas emerge.

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