Started in 2023


Various network partners

The BSMP Network (Buikslotermeen) was launched at the beginning of 2023 at the initiative of the Urban Leisure & Tourism Lab Amsterdam. A network meeting takes place four times a year, always at a different location on or around the Buikslotermeerplein in Amsterdam North, including the Modestraat, the DAT!school and the Kiosk under the Bowlingbaan.

Participants in this network are representatives from various organizations; people who all care about Buikslotermeerplein. Our network includes representatives from the municipality of Amsterdam, the Boven ‘t Y shopping center, Modestraat, DAT!school, Cooperatie 5711, Cinekid Film Festival, Stadspodium Noord, Over ‘t Y festival and of course the Urban Leisure & Tourism Lab Amsterdam.

All participants have expressed the wish to see each other more often to connect, collaborate more and share knowledge.

Would you also like to participate?

Register via to participate in the BSMP network. You can also contact us for more information and dates of network meetings.