Peter Joziasse

Peter Joziasse

Managing director of Interact.Value: (partner)

Peter Joziasse is the managing director of Interact.Value:, a work-field partner of the lab. New technology plays an increasingly large part in the life of city. Interact.Value: strives for an inclusive society in which people are more aware and in control of their virtual privacy.


5 questions for Peter Joziasse

In what way do you engage with the Urban Leisure & Tourism Lab Amsterdam?

We give a voice to young people by entrusting them with genuine practice assignments (City Challenges). We make them think about the role of technology regarding interactions in the city.

What is your favourite spot in Amsterdam-North?

NDSM, on the waterfront.

Finish this sentence: for me, leisure and recreation mean…

… truly enjoying life with other people.

Which focal points do you consider to be key to a positive development for the tourism and leisure industry?

Tourism and recreation for everyone. Inclusive and diverse. Residents first!

What is your ambition in relation to the collaboration with the Urban Leisure & Tourism Lab Amsterdam?

Realising young people’s participation in a structural way, involving the city’s public organisations.

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