Mitra van Raalten & Hanna Winters

Mitra van Raalten & Hanna Winters

Director/secretary SAIL (partner)

5 questions to Mitra van Raalten and Hanna Winters:

What do you do for Urban Leisure &Tourism Lab?

Sail Amsterdam and Inholland Foundation have been working together for the SAIL Academy since 2013. Recently we became a partner of the Urban Leisure & Tourism Lab Amsterdam in which we discuss issues around SAIL Amsterdam and the three substantive programme lines talent development, sustainability and inclusion together with the students.

What’s your favorite place in Amsterdam-Noord?

The Ceuvel.

Finish the sentence: Free time and recreation mean for us…

Doing fun activities with the  people that are close to us.

What things are important for a positive development for the tourism, recreation and events sector?

Young talent with new ideas and visions that allow established traditions to be broken.

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