Gadir Mhanna

Gadir Mhanna

Graduate student - Tourism Management, Haarlem

Gadir is back at the lab after her lab track last year to create the next version of the Wishing Wall with the local community as part of her graduate program. The Wishing Wall she made last with her project group can still be seen today on the side of the Bowling; a large eye-catching building that you can hardly miss as a passerby. Gadir is going to see if the Wishing Wall can actually collect wishes that will be acted upon. Who is going to take care of that? Who will take care of the maintenance of the wall? Is it possible that it will be such a great wall that visitors will want to leave their wishes on it?

The Wishing Wall aims to make the Buikslotermeerplein in Amsterdam North more attractive for residents, visitors and entrepreneurs, and to connect this community.

1. What is your favorite place in Amsterdam North and why?

My favorite place in Amsterdam North is the Modestraat. It is a connecting place where you can see something from every culture. I really like seeing people sewing, eating, learning and chatting together there of course.

2. What would you like to contribute to our learning community here in Amsterdam-Noord (and surroundings)?

I would like to share my experience and knowledge to contribute to strengthening our learning community here in Amsterdam Noord. For example, I am working on the project ‘the Wishing Wall’. The realization of a ‘Wishing Wall’, a physical wall that aims to attract and connect a diverse group of residents, visitors and other stakeholders. In doing so, I aim to promote a sense of inclusiveness, community and sustainability. I chose to place the Wishing Wall on Fashion Street, where the community, residents, visitors, local business owners and Fashion Street itself are all very excited about this initiative. The goal is to make Fashion Street more attractive to all who visit it.

3. Complete this sentence: for me, leisure and recreation means….

For me, leisure and recreation means finding moments of relaxation and enjoyment outside of work or responsibilities so that I can recharge and engage in activities that bring me happiness and fulfillment.

4.What tip do you have for the ULT Lab to improve collaboration between education, research and the field?

That there can be better contact between stakeholders and students enrolled in the ULT Lab.

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