Cécile Brand

Cécile Brand

Learning coach

As a learning coach, Cécile is mainly concerned with coaching students in the field of personal development, cooperation and group dynamics. Her expertise lies in developing ‘authentic leadership’. Within our team, Cécile monitors the quality of our lab education as a critical friend.

Outside the lab, Cécile works as a learning coach for the Tourism Management program at Inholland University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam/Diemen. She supervises students during the first year, in the third year as an internship supervisor and in the fourth year through the graduation process.

In addition to coaching students in their development, she also provides workshops for colleagues in which they develop together in the field of Formative Assessment.

“I see the development of authentic leadership as the core of Creative Future; (re)discovering the passions and strengths of the students as a starting point for developing creative skills to come up with creative solutions for wicked problems in the development in Amsterdam North.”

3 questions to Cecile


1. What would you like to contribute to our learning community here in Amsterdam North (and the surrounding area)?
I would like to contribute to this learning community by offering  the contact with the local stakeholders make lab education attractive for students.

2. What tip do you have for the ULT Lab to improve cooperation between education, research and the professional field?
In line with the above, my tip for the Urban Leisure & Tourism Lab Amsterdam is to set up a consistent policy that guarantees cooperation with the professional field.

3. What is your favorite place in Amsterdam North and why?
My favorite place is the Modestraat because here the students and learning coaches are surrounded by the all the relevant stakeholders! This adds to the motivation of the students and the learning coaches  to do their best to come up with great concepts that unite the habitants of Amsterdam North and attract the tourists.

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