Andromeda Achiaa

Andromeda Achiaa

Graduation student

Andromeda, a fourth-year Bachelor’s student of Tourism Management at Inholland University of Applied Sciences, is currently working on a graduation assignment at the Urban Leisure & Tourism Lab Amsterdam. She is supervised by lab lead Roos Gerritsma and learning director Zac Woolfitt.

Her assignment is to create a leisure product for Amsterdam Noord that can be of value to the neighborhood and help build the Buikslotermeerplein shopping center as the heart of Noord. A simple concept like the story bank is what Andromeda is developing. A bank where all the unheard, inspiring, beautiful memories and community stories of the Northerners themselves can be heard. All in one place.

“A product that can bring people together. Storytelling is a big tool for this.”

3 question to Andromeda

Which focus points do you consider important for Amsterdam as a tourist and leisure city?
To behold the originality of the city. Innovation and optimalisation is good, but not at the costs of the resident and the natural ecosystems of the city.

What would you like to contribute to our learning community here in Amsterdam Noord (and the surrounding area)?
To make a product that fits all Northern people. A product that can bring people together. Storytelling is a big tool for this. But also to listen to peoples wishes. View things from a different perspective to have a clear view.

What is your favorite place in Amsterdam Noord and why?
I don’t have a favorite spot. I like North in general. Every neighborhood has its own character. For historical sight visit Tuindorp, and if you’re feeling a little creative, visit NDSM-terrein, and for organic shopping as such I go to Mosplein/Van de Pek neighborhood.

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