Jeroen Jager

Jeroen Jager

Learning coach

Jeroen has been working as a lecturer at the Creative Business Bachelor’s program at Inholland University of Applied Sciences in The Hague since 2021. In addition, Jeroen also works as a learning coach at the Urban Leisure & Tourism Lab Amsterdam. As a member of our team, he brings entrepreneurship and creativity to the lab!

Jeroen’s expertise lies in media, creativity and entrepreneurship, which is also his focus within the lab and the Creative Business program. He completed a Master’s degree in Media Innovation at the Breda University of Applied Sciences and conducted research into Eye Tracking in Virtual Reality of safety training courses. In addition to his work as a lecturer and learning coach, Jeroen also owns the agency NOON creation that focuses on blended learning and storytelling. This is in line with the themes we are working on in the lab. In this way, Jeroen can use his practical experience as a media and creative entrepreneur to give students relevant examples.

Within our lab we see students as young professionals using Design Thinking as a method. We coach them in their creative process. Jeroen prefers to create something from scratch and work on their personal development with incessant energy.

“I always get energy from enterprising people, guiding students to develop innovative ideas. Inspiring people who see their opportunities, seize them and want to realize them.”

3 questions to Jeroen

What is your favorite place in Amsterdam Noord and why?
EYE Filmmuseum is one of my favorite places in Noord. I have seen the place develop over the years into a cultural residence that accommodates creatives and tourists.

Which Northerner would you like to have a coffee with?
I would like to drink coffee with Northerners who can tell inspiring stories about Amsterdam North.

What tip do you have for the ULT Lab to improve cooperation between education, research and the professional field?
Further developing the realized concepts of students and making the connection with the professional field possible for Inholland and its partners.

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