Within the ULT Lab, our Production House is buzzing with activity!

Within the ULT Lab, our Production House is buzzing with activity!

This semester we are running our Production House pilot, exploring how to bring prototypes one step closer to actual implementation. Students come up with countless concepts and often create prototypes, but too often they end up on the shelf after the semester. That’s a pity!


A great example of a concept whose prototype is being concretely realized is the Neighborhood Book (see photos). Lab-learners (students of the ULT lab) were commissioned by one of our stakeholders to develop a concept for a creative non-digital communication tool. This allows residents and visitors of the Buikslotermeer Square to be informed about events and meetings, with the aim of increasing their involvement in the local community.

These efforts are supported by the ULT Lab Production House, which not only brings to life inspiring concepts from Lab learners, but also collaborates with network partners, stakeholders and educational institutions as bridge builders. This synergy between students, external parties and the community plays an essential role in strengthening our ties and increasing the impact of our projects.
By working closely together, graduate students can further develop, implement and scale up concepts, resulting in positive change in the urban environment and a better future for our communities.

For design, see: Boven ‘t IJ_boek_V3 (tourismlabamsterdam.nl)

20 May 2024