Babet de Hoon on regenerative tourism

Babet de Hoon on regenerative tourism

As a former learning coach at the ULT Lab Amsterdam, Babet de Hoon is no stranger to us. Despite her new busy life on the eco-farm “A Quinta da Lage,” she still found time to give our students a guest lecture online.

Babet shared her experiences and insights about regenerative living on this eco-farm, located in the interior of Portugal. Her story is a powerful example of how, in partnership with nature, we can create a sustainable(er) and resilient(er) world.

The principles Babet highlighted resonate strongly with the core values of our Urban Leisure & Tourism Lab Amsterdam.

1️) Connection between people and their environment: she emphasized the importance of understanding and respecting our environment and how this leads to a deeper connection to the community and to place itself.
2️) A shared purpose: Babet illustrated how a shared vision and purpose can unite and mobilize people toward positive change.
3️) Growth, flourishing and resilience: Babet demonstrated how regenerative projects not only revitalize nature, but also promote human prosperity and resilience.

20 May 2024