Students contribute to the community in Amsterdam North

Students contribute to the community in Amsterdam North

Community Contribution is an important part of our minor. In our lab our students not only learn everything about researching, designing, testing and delivering creative concepts. They also give something back to the community of Amsterdam North.

Two good examples of community contribution are teeth brushing lesson and communal pantry.

Teeth brushing lesson

In our living lab in Modestraat, a cleaning lesson was given to visitors by student Rubab Bhatti. Rubab is following the Bachelor’s degree in Dental Hygiene at Inholland University of Applied Sciences. Through our minor she wants to improve her social skills and broaden knowledge, including by giving this workshop.

Communal pantry

Two international students Elia Solognier and Emma Jo Keevers have opened their ‘communal pantry’ on the Buikslotermeerplein in Amsterdam North. This pantry is the place where residents can share, take or exchange food. The pantry is more than a project for Elia and Emma; it is an expression of the connection of these students with Amsterdam North. They hope to make a difference by simply filling a few shelves!

14 December 2023