Screenshot cover of 'Our city? Countering Exclusion in Public Spaces'

Book: Our City? Countering Exclusion in Public Space (STIPO, 2019)


Name of the Author

The articles stem from the book ‘Our City? Countering Exclusion in Public Space’ published by the Inholland University of Applied Sciences. The ebook can also be found here.

Article: ‘Turning the influx of tourists into a (more) sustainable presence’ by Roos GerritsmaMiranda Kamp en Sito Vera Cruz.

Article: ‘The intimicy of exlusion, an embodied understanding’ by Philippa Collin.

Article: ‘Future-proof retail innovation and inclusive placemaking in Amsterdam North: a real challenge’ by Marie-Ange de Kort.

Article: ‘Criteria for a hybrid place: a tool for creating inclusive leisure venues’ by Philippa Collin.