Prototype market on Buikslotermeerplein

Prototype market on Buikslotermeerplein

On Monday afternoon, November 20, our students organized a prototype market on the Buikslotermeerplein in Amsterdam Noord. Network partners and various visitors to the square have given their feedback on the prototypes, which were presented by our students. By asking questions to the various visitors during the prototype market, students can adjust and further improve their prototype.

The Program book
A life-size book to inform visitors about upcoming activities and events
Challenge: Creative Communication at Buikslotermeerplein

The Firepit
Connecting young people (Amsterdam residents and refugees/status holders) by storytelling
Challenge: Fun & safe spaces in Elzenhagen

Silent SAIL
A peaceful journey to the maritime history of Amsterdam
Challenge: Making & experiencing SAIL together

From trash to treasure
A one-day adventure for people to connect with nature and their playful selves
Challenge: Adventure in the LowLands

We would like to thank the many visitors to the square and in particular our network partners for their feedback!

Tanja Runhaar (municipality of Amsterdam)
Daan Woudhuysen (shopping center Boven ’t Y)
Jet Meijer (Modestraat)
Marcelle Miles (Warm Welkom Amsterdam)
Bianca Sluijs (Adventure Nearby/Avontuur Dichtbij), Rianne Vogel en stagiair (Cinekid)
Freek Wallach (night mayor of Amsterdam)
Reuben Wijnberg (Living Labs Inholland)
Mark Jacobs en Esther Bouw (Professorship Design Thinking Inholland) .

Special thanks to Daan Woudhuysen for arranging the market stalls!

21 November 2023