Research: from concept development to value creation

Research: from concept development to value creation

The Urban, Leisure & Tourism Lab Amsterdam is committed to giving students the space to give tangible shape to their ideas in addition to concept development within the lab track. Internal research confirms students’ desire to concretely ‘create something’. In the coming months, lecturer researcher Jeroen Jager, in coordination with lab lead Roos Gerritsma and researcher Anouk Geenen from the Societal Impact Design research group, will investigate how collaboration with both existing and new partners in the field around Buikslotermeerplein in Amsterdam-Noord can be optimally utilized. The main goal is to encourage students to use their creativity and realize their concepts effectively, with long-term collaborations with ‘network partners’ in mind.

An indispensable element in this research process is co-design, which is inherent to collaboration. Network partners of the Buikslotermeerplein are invited by the lab to participate in a joint design process. Jeroen brings together stakeholders from various perspectives in the research, with shared interests for an attractive Amsterdam-Noord: residents, visitors, entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations, knowledge institutions and governments.

Photos of Network Meeting Buikslotermeerplein on September 22, 2023

By investigating how each other’s products, services, network and knowledge can be integrated, valuable design possibilities are created that lead to social innovations for society and the city. The collaboration offers students and network partners the opportunity to make concepts tangible. From a lab-transcending pilot, Jeroen is closely involved in the development of the ‘Inholland production house’. Here, students will be guided in the implementation and coordination next year, so that they can ‘create something’ in concrete terms. This creates a valuable interaction where students learn, network partners are supported and the community as a whole benefits from innovative ideas and solutions.

Jeroen Jager, lecturer bachelor programme Creative Business of Inholland University of Applied Research in The Hague and learning coach & lecturer researcher Urban Leisure & Tourism Lab Amsterdam

2 October 2023