Start minor with new group of (international) students

Start minor with new group of (international) students

On September 4, we started again with a new group of (international) bachelor students from various courses from within and outside our university of applied sciences, who are following a minor within our lab.

Together with our students and various enthusiastic partners, we will take on not one, but four new challenges in the coming months:

  1. Creative Communication at BSMP
  2. Fun & safe spaces in Elzenhagen
  3. Making & experiencing SAIL together
  4. Adventure in the Low Lands

At the end of the minor, our students deliver new creative, innovative and sustainable concepts to our community.

General challenge

The general challenge of our Lab with the local eco system is our community.

Our goal is to connect, hold space for, catalyze and realize vibrant, inclusive, fun and safe places and experiences for all. We do this from five different perspectives: users, (social) entrepreneurs, public partners, knowledge institutes and nature (quintriple helix):

  1. users (resident/day tripper/tourist)
  2. (social) entrepreneurs
  3. public partners (municipality, churches, social-housing, etc)
  4. knowledge institutes
  5. nature (increasing biodiversity, not decreasing)

We are considering tourism and leisure as potential strategies for positive change.


Conducting research is an integral part of education within our lab. In addition to New Urban Tourism and Regenerative Tourism, the research areas of Design Thinking, Societal Impact Design and Authentic Leadership are also closely intertwined in the minor.

Jam sessions

During jam sessions, our students pitch their concepts to our partners. Based on their feedback, the students set to work to improve their concepts. We do this in four steps: discover, define, develop and deliver.

Jamsession Date Time
Discover Friday October 6, 2023 14.00 till 16.00 pm
Define Friday November 3, 2023 14.00 till 16.00 pm
Develop Monday November 20, 2023 14.00 till 16.00 pm
Deliver Monday December 18, 2023 14.00 till 16.00 pm

Location: Modestraat, Buikslotermeerplein 15-17 in Amsterdam

Do you want to attend (one of) the jam sessions? Sign up via

After each jam session we organize a network drink.

More information?

For substantive questions or collaboration with our lab, please contact our lab lead Roos Gerritsma (

For organisational questions you can contact our lab coordinator Jolanda Möller (

11 September 2023