Final Pitches

Final Pitches

As a local learning community, we are proud to announce that 7 groups of students have presented their final concepts to improve the Buikslotermeerplein in Amsterdam, which had once been a lively area but has since faded with time. The concepts were focused on reactivating that liveliness and improving the attractiveness of the area for and in close collaboration with local stakeholders and its future visitors.

Experts award winner – The Placemakers and their concept of storytelling benches & walls that use SoundCloud codes to share stories about Amsterdam North from the old generation.

Audience Sympathy award winner – SJAB The inclusive Rainbow Diversity Path is an illuminated path that leads from the metro to Buikslotermeerplein besides adding colour to the place, it makes all people feel welcomed in diverse languages.


The 4 HorseWomen and their Community vegetable garden focus on fighting the concrete and eliminating the grey, saving the bees, connecting people, and sharing vegetables.

The Northern Renovators group came up with the Northern Lane which is a walking and cycling pad decorated with street art of famous or special residents of Amsterdam Noord and secured with cameras that run on sustainable energy.

Anteroni and the idea of an event of an outdoor Theater of Art & Culture with the path decorated with art made by the pupils of local schools leading to a podium where people can converse and enjoy performances while enjoying food and drinks in the summer.

Designers of Tomorrow and their idea of creating an outdoor cinema theater that could work in any weather bringing the community together including a market of local entrepreneurs for selling food and drink, and rental of chairs, cushions, and blankets.

Dream Team with their concept of the Walking Route which brings Amsterdam North visitors through a path with beautiful nature, and cultural and historical sights, and ends in a shopping mall.

Each group had the opportunity to work with several partners and experts of the lab, who offered their qualitative feedback and shared their knowledge and network. It’s inspiring to see how our students have put their ideas into action and created something meaningful for the community.

Specials thanks to the attending partners for their feedback at the final presentation:

Rosaly Studulski, Inge Maass, Anne Ruijter, Suzanne Kuijt, Betul Erat (Gemeente Amsterdam), Titia Ex, Mechteline van Es (Over ‘t IJ festival), Richard Soesanna (Cinekid), Fiona Verhoek and Esther Bouw (Inholland)

And all the other partners who helped our students this semester with their challenge:

Joachim Fleury (Stadspodium Noord), Berber Hidma and Anouschka Trauschke (Tours That Matter), Louis Pirenne (Gemeente Amsterdam), Daan Woudhuysen (Boven ‘t IJ shopping mall), Jet Meijer (Modestraat), Meghann Ormond (Wageningen University), Donagh Horgan, Ko Koens, Guido Stompff, Mark Jacobs, Claudia Mayer, Anja Köppchen, Philippa Collin, Nicolette Bakhuisen, Petra Cremers, Jordan Hilario (Inholland)

And of course our lab team:

Roos Gerritsma, Zac Woolfitt, Mireille Middelhof, Jeroen Jager, Babet de Hoon, Cécile Brand, Tom Parry and Jolanda Möller

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19 December 2022