Define and Reframe!

Define and Reframe!

End of the second climb: Define and Reframe!

Last week Friday was celebrated with the event organised to present early concepts ULT students created to stakeholders and experts. This past month seven groups of students were researching, ideating, designing, and iterating their projects. As the 3rd phase approaches extensive and qualitative feedback from experts is essential to develop their prototypes.

We would like to thank all the experts, partners at Wageningen University & Research, and all the students who participated in our latest climb for the impact they bring to this study community.


Take a look at some short quotes captured that day:
“I always ask about personal investments socially if the place has meaning to them to measure their commitment. I wonder about the dynamics between local empowerment and commercial interests. It’s a delicate balance to strike And I encourage students to consider this carefully in their design adventures.” — Edward Huijbens – Cultural Geography Professor at WUR
“Lots of very exciting ideas and the moment students have individual propositions that they came up with based on their research. It is interesting to see how they can layer those ideas on top of each other and develop joint strategies.” — Donagh Horgan – Researcher and Lab Lead at Urban Leisure & Tourism Lab Rotterdam
“I am here because I am really curious about this living lab and it is great that students are being so creative. I particularly liked the idea with Spotify codes which you can scan and discover stories or music related to Amsterdam-North.” — Bas Amelung – Tourism and the Environment Assistant Professor at WUR
“I like the concepts most that really work with the identity of the area, that works with something special and unique. For instance cinema events that suit the area very much and also art, or improving infrastructure with the lightning. It could be a really iconic and suitable combination.” — Rosaly Studulski – Project Manager for City of Amsterdam
“It’s exciting to see the staff of WUR and students joining us to look at innovative aspects of the work we are doing here in the lab and our results.” — Ko Koens – New Urban Tourism Professor Inholland University of Applied Sciences


13 November 2022